Saturday, April 10, 2010

About James

This blog is about my young and handsome dog, James. His pedigree name is Stand Strong Amazing James but in daily life he answers to James. Well, he answers to nicknames such as Jamie, Jay, Muggie, the Blue Baby too (the list goes on and on to be honest).

James is a young and very active American Staffordshire Terrier, a real social butterfly. He loves to train, as a matter of fact, any form of training is great but he loves search the best. When he’s given the command to search, his tail wags like never before. The only thing that can beat searching is swimming. I swear, the boy is CRAZY in the water. I also train weight pull with Jay a few times a week. This sport became our “savior” as James’ need for activity is huge and after WP training he’s truly content.

Additionally, Jay trains obedience and tracking and he gets to go to various Conformation Shows around the country (he took his first C.A.C as a junior :)).

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