Saturday, March 5, 2011


Our beloved son
19 February 2010 to 24 January 2011

At only 11 months of age we lost our amazing Star. It hurts so bad.

Billy had such an amazing personality, what a character he was. Everybody, who was lucky enough to meet him, loved him immediately. We'll never get a nicer, sweeter dog. When looking in to his eyes, you'd see pure kindness. Billy was amazing.

The vets and the physical therapists all loved Billy Bee. His tail was always wagging and he was always ready to hand out kisses, no matter what. He was just the sweetest baby. He was also an amazing working dog, the working dog I always had dreamt of.

We will never forget him. We are so happy and grateful for having had him in our lives, despite it being all too short.

Rest in peace.

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