Saturday, April 10, 2010


Our Beloved Son
21 Nov 1999 - 7 March 2010

Alih was our first dog (that Mr. L and I got together) and he was 3 months old when he entered our lives and believe me, he was perfect from the very beginning.

He was always an easy going guy, a very loyal, attentive, obedient Big Baby with a fun and quirky personality. For example, he always ate sand and he had an underbite that would make his tounge fall out when he was deep asleep. :) Alih came from a well-known breeder in LA but due to a white patch on his chest (along with some other things ;)) a Show Career was never going to become reality for our beloved boy. He was our "little baby" even when he entered adulthood and became a big, strong, powerful man. :) Alih was named after the world-famous boxer, Muhammed Ali. The H at the end of his name was added due to his uniqeness - he needed his own special name. ;)

Alih is deeply missed and we think of him every single day. We seek comfort in the fact that he lived a long and happy life. He and his "brother" Carlos were our babies and we lived for our precious boys. We cheerish the wonderful memories we have of Alih and we are truly grateful for the many lovley years we had together. He emotionally affected several people and is thus deeply missed by many.

Alih's pedigree name was Pegasus' Alih.
Breed: Rottweiler
Breeder: Pegasus' - Los Angeles, USA
Sex: Male (neutered)

Sire: USCH Adior V.D. Weilershoeve
Dam: USCH Paul-Michael's Pegasus' Angel

Height: 67 cm/ 26.4 inches
Weight: approx. 55kg / 121 lbs.